2023 Couples Love Retreat

Join our February 17-19, 2024 Love with Intention Couples Love Retreat. Taking place in the beautiful and romantic setting of Wine Country Temecula California. Co-hosted by Economics Professor and Family Counselor, Jermaine Harris and his beautiful wife of 15 years Brandy Harris, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. This power couple is at it again, creating an environment in a luxurious AirBnB home with breathtaking amenities. Each couple will have their own private bedroom and restroom. The Harris’ have selected a location where couples may redefine their love with INTENTION. How and why do we love each  other.  This secluded retreat offers a VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF COUPLES an intimate experience to lift their love to a higher level.  Regardless of how good it may be, there is always room for enhancement.


Brandy & Jermaine Harris

Jermaine & Brandy have been married for 15 years and they have a 10 year old daughter, Brooklyn Michelle. They met when Jermaine’s older children were pre-teens.Over the course of many trials and tribulations they eventually agreed to break the cycle of their own childhoods and devote their household to positive peace, love and tranquility. They view adversity as opportunity and happiness as a blessing not to be taken for granted.

Omar & Unitha Muhammad

They believe they were created for each other. Their individual journeys began 3000 miles apart. He was born into a family of Nation of Islam faith in New Jersey; she was born into a strong Christian family in Los Angeles, CA. The Muhammad’s first met on the infamous Los Angeles Skid Row. Each one was following their call to serve humanity while working in different departments at the Los Angeles Mission. Omar taught in the Adult Education department and Unitha served as a Healthcare Educator. At the LA Mission the couple first noticed the powerful synergy of their combined service. And the two became one.This Power Couple soberly vowed a covenant of holy matrimony 25 years ago. This union created a dynamic duo which serves their calling as transformational Relationship Counselors and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches.


Event Details

Event Date

February 17Th to 19th, 2024

Event Venue

Temecula, CA


(323) 546-9838



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