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Our Love Story, the Advisors


Love in Action

One night after you turn out the lights and before you go to sleep, recite her a story beginning with chapter one, “When I first laid eyes on her.” Take the story through to where you are right now. Fill in the intimate details of what captivated you, how nervous you were on the first date, and maybe even the very moment you fell in love with her.

Chapter two, “The small lows pale in comparison to the high heights of our good times” as you explain challenges may attempt to interfere but nothing can come between our love and life long commitment to be supportive in our victories and comforting in our defeats. We understood that when God gets busy, the devil gets anxious.

Chapter three, “As I lay here on my death bed” with the enormous love from our great-great grand children surrounding me in this year 2070 I tell them this story of the greatest love ever. I reminisce about how I always joked with her that I’d outlive her. She died a short while ago. But when she did I had a sky window placed above our bed so that she can look down upon me with protection while I rest. Sometimes in the middle of the night when the moonlight is just right I can see her perched on a cloud as if it were the hand of God, looking down from the heavens with arms stretched out for me. I comfort her with “Soon baby, soon we will be together again”. From our prior lives, to this life, and on to the next one, we will be together forever, this is what soulmates do.

The light scent of you lingers around me and pushes you further into the forefront of my mind.
This intensifies my nostalgia for your comforting presence I find.
Wishing there was a place for us to be alone at this very minute.
I would work my way so far up in it.
To consume each others being.
A common melody our hearts would sing.
Nothing else would matter, you would be my everything.
Until your sweet nectar I again taste
Until I may see and touch your face
Until, and at that moment my heart will race
Time without you is such a waste
You’re like the song, amazing grace
How sweet your sound
I am so fortunate to have found


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