On October 28th 2017, PCi will be sponsoring the second performance of the dramatic comedy stage play "The Boob Chronicles." Written by Brandy Harris, Directed by Jermaine Harris.  This power couple is at it again, using positive family will to educate and motivate towards a deeper understanding.

The couple combines Brandy's 15 years of experience as a Nordstrom lingerie manager with Jermaine's proven film and stage production talents to create a stage play that takes place in a lingerie boutique.  They mix realism, love, pain and the struggles of body-image and cancer survival to enlighten and uplift us while reminding us of what is most important in our lives.


We are Committed to Commitment

Our work is to inspire & motivate families on various ways to strengthen their family bonds and overcome distractions and adversities that have historically plagued family structures. Join our network and let us help get, and keep your relationship on a path of blissful prosperity.



To express an experience of an emotional trial and victory for the purpose of manifesting in others, hope & courage to press forward through their own trials towards their own victory.
As a network of couples who are willing to dig in and work for victory,
we are here - we are standing - we are together.